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Your Trusted Partner in the Engineering Design Process

From specification, system design support, installation and through to technical support, Neptune Benson is your trusted partner in safe, reliable water treatment solutions. We collaborate with engineers, architects and designers throughout the world to specify the best solution for the appropriate application. Our streamlined approach to the submittal and approval process is anchored by a staff of dedicated experienced professionals that are committed to defining and highlighting the smallest of details.

Water Treatment Expertise

We are an established, solid manufacturer that can provide great value and technical expertise around your chief concerns. Each step of the way, Neptune Benson offers extensive expertise from system design and installation to technical support. We begin with a clear definition of the industry challenges allowing us to see the circumstances through the eyes of the various stakeholders. Our knowledge, product validation, breadth of capabilities, and team of experienced professionals make us your leading source in the technical requirements of municipal, industrial and recreational water applications. We pride ourselves on supporting your technical needs and ensuring a safe reliable solution.

Product Validation & Technology

We believe that good design should make products safe, understandable, innovative and useful. Neptune Benson can provide you with proven, validated technology. The value we provide is in the ongoing relationship – through the life of the filters and UV systems, we examine how the machines are being used and study the wear on the various components. Field Service Technician feedback is reviewed, and each product is continuously improved throughout the active product life. Neptune Benson’s commitment to research and development has been the backbone of the business for over 55 years. Together, with our partners, we:

  • Utilize a variety of design tools providing powerful emulation of system performance.
  • Emulate the performance of the filters and UV systems by using advanced software tools.
  • Use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to understand how the filter housings or UV chambers will become stressed under hydraulic pressure.
  • Predict weakness in design and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The use of CFD models has led to many of the innovative features that are a source of advantage to Neptune Benson.

Customized Solutions

The personalized attention to every project helps our engineering team develop and deliver a trusted, proven experience that provides confidence and reliable outcomes. Our manufacturing lead times are the shortest in the respective industry verticals we focus on and our modular approach allows a high degree of customization for a particular end-user need. For specific markets, we ship from stock, assemble to order, or, finish to order. Should a custom build be necessary, it is manufactured to order. Discover more about how Neptune Benson technologies and engineering process leadership can support your application.

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Engineering Process Leaders March 11, 2015