Industrial Water Treatment Facility

Our trusted, validated technologies are ideal for water treatment solutions within various industrial markets. Neptune Benson’s comprehensive solutions make us the company you trust.

Food and Beverage - Olive Oil

Food and Beverage

Neptune Benson has developed solutions for a variety of applications to eliminate microbial infection without the need to add chemicals.

Oil Rig

Oil and Gas

Neptune Benson has developed robust, reliable systems for offshore and oilfield use to ensure integrity of water used for injection, EOR, fracturing and potable uses.

Cruise Ship

Marine and Offshore

Neptune Benson systems are designed to be flexible, rugged, and reliable within a very small footprint. Hazardous area certification when required.

Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

Neptune Benson solutions prevent biofilms, reduce health risks, and maintain equipment operating-efficiency with a non-chemical solution.


Semiconductor and Electronics

Neptune Benson solutions eliminate contaminants to PPT (part per trillion) levels in demanding ultrapure water environments.

Industrial November 5, 2014