Municipal Water Treatment

Given the acceleration in water shortages across many regions in the U.S., water – and in particular wastewater – is now seen as a valuable resource that needs to be reused and recycled. Neptune Benson Ultraviolet (UV) and filter products are a critical barrier and are widely adopted in each of these sectors.

UV systems and filters play a critical role across the spectrum of municipal water treatment. Capital cost and life cycle cost over a 10-15 year horizon are used to determine vendor selection for these critical items. Other factors such as footprint, head loss, ease of use for operators, and water consumption are increasingly being analyzed to deliver the most value to the owner.

With industry regulations becoming more stringent, increasing governmental and media interest and the growing threat of chemically tolerant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium, it is important to choose a company you trust.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Neptune Benson has designed a product range of validated systems for drinking water applications for a variety of flows that provide an effective and efficient barrier against harmful microorganisms.

Wastewater Facility


Neptune Benson closed vessel treatment systems are replacing traditional methods of open channel treatment due to a number of significant advantages.

Water Resue Pipes

Water Reuse

Neptune Benson has designed a range of validated, energy efficient systems to offer a superior treatment solution. In the face of unprecedented climate change and surging water demand, conserving water is an increased priority.

Municipal November 5, 2014