Recreational Water

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Swimming Pools

The high bather loads associated with public pools can easily overwhelm traditional methods of filtration and disinfection. Neptune Benson has a range of industry-leading product solutions that can help.

Lalandia Waterpark


The top concerns for waterparks include water safety and water savings. The average waterpark can save millions of gallons of water and substantially reduce power costs while ensuring water safety with solutions from Neptune Benson.

Wet-n-Wild Spashpad

Splash Pad & Fountain

The relatively low volume of water and increased potential for water ingestion at splash pads and spray parks creates a need for enhanced treatment solutions.

Therapy Pool

Therapy Pools & Spas

Despite high levels of chlorine, spas and therapy pools are a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms such as E-Coli and Cryptosporidium. Neptune Benson solutions provide the perfect balance of filtration and disinfection for this application.

Waikiki Hotel Resort

Hotel & Resort

Historically the pool is operationally the most under performing asset of a hotel/resort. What if you could turn one of your largest expenditures into one of your most profitable assets? You can.

WA State University Pool

Colleges & Universities

While reducing water waste, energy, and chemical consumption, Neptune Benson provides the cleanest, healthiest and fastest competition water available today.

Atlantis Palm Hotel Aquarium

Zoo & Aquarium

Large municipal aquariums and zoos filter and disinfect water to protect the different species from infection due to water borne disease.

Recreational Water November 5, 2014