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Spas and therapy pools are often specialized applications that operate with both increased temperatures and increased water turbulence. Due to the high temperature of the water and increased bather loads, pool applications such as spas and therapy pools can be a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms such as E-Coli and Cryptosporidium despite high levels of chlorine.

When spa features include water jets, bathers both in and around the spa area are at risk of contracting Legionnaires Disease from atomized water, while dangerous parasites such as pseudomonas can be contracted through the skin if bathers come into contact with the jets.

The use of UV disinfection is highly recommended for this application. The use of Neptune Benson filters followed by the ETS-UV disinfection system provides the perfect treatment for this type of pool and spa.

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Therapy Pools & Spas November 5, 2014