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The Neptune Benson document library is a centralized file resource. While we have included a wide range of documents, it is not limited to all that may be available given the range of specialized applications and the project submittal process of the industry. Please contact us and we would be glad to answer questions, provide information, or address any concerns you may have.

Vortisand Filter

Vortisand Cross-Flow Microsand Filtration

Defender Regenerative Media Filters

Defender Assero™ Regenerative Media Filters

  • Brochure (NB-DEFENDER-BR-1016-Low-Res.pdf)
  • Schematic 1 (DEFENDER-SCHEMATIC-AUTOMATED-ASSERO-D7-2016-04-14.pdf)
  • Tech Data 1 (DEFENDER-SCHEMATIC-AUTOMATED-ASSERO-D7-2016-04-14.pdf)

Defender® 27″ – 55″ Filter

Test Folder

High Rate Commercial Sand Filters


Model SDC (Dual Cell High Rate Sand Filters)

Model SHFFG (Horizontal Fiberglass High Rate Sand Filters)

Model SRF (Vertical Steel High Rate Sand Filters)

Model STC (Triple Cell High Rate Sand Filters)


Automation Equipment

Automatic Controller Defender® Filters

Automatic Filter Programmer Sand Filters

greendrive VFD & Flow Meters

Trident CO2 Injection System

Face Piping

Three Way and Standard Face Piping

Filter Media & Cleaner

Chem-Clean Express™

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-FILTER-CLEANSE-tech_data.pdf)


Sand & Gravel

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-SAND-GRAVEL-tech_data.pdf)

Replacement Parts


Guardian Strainers Replacement Parts

Recreational Water

ECF Submittal – Domestic

ECF Submittal – International

ECP Submittal – Domestic

ECP Submittal – International

EZ Strainer for UV

Operations Manual

  • Manual 1 (Basic_Operations_Guide_for_Touch_UV_Systems_2015-08.pdf)
  • Manual 2 (Basic_Operations_Guide_for_Touch_UV_Systems-International_2015-08.pdf)

SP Submittal – Domestic

SP Submittal – International

Spectra Touch Specification

  • Spec Sheet (Recreational_Water_Spectra_Touch_Specification_2014_06v1.pdf)
  • Spec Sheet 02 (Municipal_Touch_Spec_Sheet_2014_06v1.pdf)

SX Submittal – Domestic

SX Submittal – International

System Range – Domestic

System Range – International

Temperature Probe Specification

  • Spec Sheet (Temperature-Probe_Technical-Specification_2015-03.pdf)

Validated Sensor Specification

  • Spec Sheet (Validated-Sensor_Technical-Specification_2015-03.pdf)


ETS-UV General Brochure

Key Product Features

Lamp Medium Pressure Data Sheet

  • Tech Data 1 (Lamp_Medium_Pressure_Technical_Data_Sheet_2014_06v1.pdf)

Product Summary – Drinking Water

Product Summary – Wastewater

Product Summary – Water Reuse

Spec Sheet ECP

Spec Sheets – ECF

Spec Sheets – SW

Spec Sheets – SX

Spec Sheets – UVLW

Spectra Touch Controller

Technology Comparison – Wastewater

Technology Comparison – Water Reuse


Dairy Application Information

Spec Sheets – ECF

Spec Sheets – ECP

Spec Sheets – SW

Spec Sheets – SX

Spec Sheets – UVLA

SS Sugar Syrup Applications

Additional Products

Skimmer Equalizer

Wall Inlets


Stark Bulkheads

Deck Drains


Edge Treatment

Curb Angle


Hand Hold Bullnose

Embedded Items & Structural Components

AEGIS Anti-Entrapment Cover

Converter Boxes for Concrete Gutters

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-CONVERTER_BOX-tech_data.pdf)

Custom Frame and Grate

Fiberglass Gutter Perimeter System

Foam Form Gutter

Large Area Main Drains

OGRS® Stainless Steel Gutter Systems

Stainless Steel Main Drains

Super Flow Main Drains


SuperSump™ Main Drain System

VCRS® Stainless Steel Gutter Systems


Parallel Grating System

Perpendicular Grating System

Stone Grating

Recirculation Components

Adjustable Pump Base

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-ADJUSTABLE_PUMP_BASE-tech_data.pdf)

Fiberglass Reducers

Fiberglass Strainers


Marlow Pumps

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-MarlowPump-tech_data.pdf)


Pump Bases

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-ADJUSTABLE_PUMP_BASE-tech_data.pdf)

Stainless Steel Reducers

Stainless Steel Strainers

Surge Tank Components

Access Ladders

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-ACCESS_LADDER-tech_data.pdf)

Anti-Vortex Plate Assembly

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-ANTI-VORTEX_PLATES-tech_data.pdf)

Diversion Valves

Liquid Level Gauges

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-LIQUID_LEVEL_GAUGES-tech_data.pdf)

Valve Extensions

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-VALVE_EXTENSION-tech_data.pdf)
  • Tech Data 2 (Neptune-Benson-VALVE_EXTENSION_2-tech_data.pdf)

WLC-100 & 300 Water Level Controller

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-WLC-100-300-tech_data.pdf)

WLC-200 & 400 Water Level Controller

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-WLC-200-400-tech_data.pdf)


Dominion Butterfly Valve- Bare Stem

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-DOMINION_BS-tech_data.pdf)

Dominion Butterfly Valve- Electric Operated

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-DOMINION_EO-tech_data.pdf)

Dominion Butterfly Valve- Gear Operated

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-DOMINION_GO-tech_data.pdf)

Dominion Butterfly Valve- Lever Operated

  • Tech Data 1 (Neptune-Benson-DOMINION_LO-tech_data.pdf)